Step into the Wonderful World of the Vinyl-a-GoGo Cosmos. You are a Digger, Treasurehunter, Beginner or a Knowitall-Guy, a Walking Encyclopedia, Mint only Perfectionist, have you got a Singles-Fetish? Version-Collector, Traditionalist, Hipster or just Music Lover? Do you need my hand and some help? Well I hope to satisfy all your wishes. And if you don’t find it right now I will try to organize it. My own music spectrum is wide open. I try to offer all different styles of music. In case today only Dub or Hip Hop tunes are on the turntable it’s just an accident most probably some weird Jazz is going to run in repeat mode tomorrow or some African Funk or my beloved Tindersticks or I am trying to make a winters sleep and go for Max Richter or some of the great greater greatest Steve Reich works. Beside that you’ll often hear some old Sixtie s Mod & Beathymns or some Soulshaker here. Twangy Guitars, why not? Some Doo Woppin’ lovesongs there and then, great!

Where would we be today without Morricones arrangements? Organs? Yeah baby, please. French or Italian cheesy Pop? Ooh my God, please bring it on! France Gall (the young France Gall) please would you marry me? The best ever ever ever ever made Album in the world? “Pornography” no discussions please although “Postcards from L.A.” is also one of the most fantastic Albums in the world. What more wisdoms there are to be discussed …Mod or Teddy? AC/DC only with Bon Scott or nowadays with Axl Rose? Oasis or Blur? (Suede is the correct answer!) East 17 or NKOTB? Yep, that once was a question. Was Michael King of Pop really murdered? Are 2Pac & Biggie together on their little island laughing about us all? Motown or Stax? Is the spoken word the future of the music? (Word up!). Have you been marking your handwrists with XXX is when you were young too? Is the German Krautrock and Avantgarde overrated? Beatles or Stones? (Beatles when they were young and playing RnR, Stones for still-being-around … but I could live without both of them.) My own best dig ever? The Can’s Original Monster Movie on Music Factory. Ever seen THE perfect collection … not yet. My best selling album of all times? The Darkside of the Moon. One Album I hate myself for selling once? An Original Ebo Taylor Funk Classic on Essiebons Label from Ghana. Yes, Otis Redding was dying way too early. No, Elvis didn t invent RnR. Jimi Hendrix was and will be King of the Guitar forever. Blue Note is the most collected jazzlabel but Prestige still has the prettier Label and for me Impulse the nicer Artwork. Yaya, so many wisdoms … King Tubby or Prince Jammy or still Perry (Jah Shaka is here the correct answer)? Why does everybody love Bob Marley? Do Russians still listen to Modern Talking? When will the Chinese start to become serious Record buyers and collectors? Early Screwdriver stuff is political correct? Is Black Metal as black as they say? Why is all the world collecting this boring Vertigo Swirl Records? Who is buying all this cheap Bootlegs and overpriced Re-Issues instead of lovely old Pressings? Dylan or Young? What about the Rodriguez Hype? Real DJs only use 7 Inch? What else…well well well so many essential and existential questions about music … come and find out your own answers at Vinyl-a-GoGo, Krossener Str.24 at the Boxhagener Platz, Berlin. And if you catch me in the right mood there s a good coffee on the house and I am going to play some of my beloved weird German Cheesy Cover Versions. Strictly on 7 Inch …what else!